“Conservative. Effective. Experienced”

Judge Slaughter is Conservative, Effective and Experienced.

Judge Michelle Slaughter is a constitutional conservative judge and an originalist – much like Justice Clarence Thomas. As a district judge, Judge Slaughter has presided over thousands of felony criminal cases and well over a hundred felony criminal jury trials ranging from state-jail felonies to capital murder cases. She is the only candidate in this race with a proven track record of efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and saving taxpayer dollars.

Judge Slaughter Gets Things Done.

As a highly-accomplished attorney, Michelle was disgusted at what she saw happening in the 405th District Court. The judge in that court at the time was a liberal, activist judge.  The court was the least efficient, least effective court with the highest reversal rate and the highest backlog ( by far) in Galveston County.  This was a judge that had been there for 12 years, had been a lifelong prosecutor and a 1st Assistant District Attorney with a lot of criminal experience.  On paper, he looked like an excellent judge. But he had the worst track record of any judge in Galveston County.
As a person who gets things done, Michelle ran against and beat this 12-year incumbent judge.  Within her first two years on the bench, Judge Slaughter transformed the court into the most efficient, most effective district court with the lowest backlog in Galveston County. She fought for and implemented transparency for the court. She also found cost-savings solutions and has saved taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars every year she has been on the bench. Now in her second term as a district judge, Judge Slaughter has maintained that efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, and fiscal responsibility.
Elect Judge Slaughter to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8!


With her conservative values, proven track record, experience with thousands of criminal cases, and quality credentials, Judge Slaughter is the best candidate for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8.  She and her opponents have been fully vetted through extensive questionnaires and panel interviews of various endorsing groups.  Judge Slaughter has earned well over 90% of all endorsements made in this race.  Judge Slaughter received the unanimous board endorsement of Grassroots America – We the People and received 16 out of 17 votes of the board for the Conservative Coalition of Harris County endorsement. She also earned the endorsements of Empower Texans, Texas Right to Life, Texas Homeschool Coalition, Texas Values, and many, many more!

“I am excited to be your choice for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, in Place 8. I promise to stick to my constitutional conservative values, and be a judge that you can always be proud to support!”

– Michelle


Election Day is November 6th, and Early Voting period  is October 22nd to November 2nd