Political Signs and the Law

The Law on Political Signs

Political Yard SignsMy opponent has cited a website stating that the website says that I should not have political signs out before December 3, 2015. Let me educate my opponent using an actual Texas statute rather than a website.

Texas Local Govt. Code section 216.903 prohibits municipalities from regulating political signs that are on private property with the property owner’s permission. This statute was enacted to ensure property owner’s political free speech under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. Political speech is the most highly protected speech and is subject to a strict scrutiny analysis. This means that any governmental entity would have to have a compelling state interest and any laws that would seek to restrict such speech would have to be narrowly tailored to protect such compelling state interest. It is exceedingly difficult for any governmental entity to meet this burden, especially in light of the Texas State Legislature enactment of the aforementioned Local Govt. Code provision.

In fact, the City Attorney for the City of League City acknowledged this fact and has educated City staff on the law. Perhaps my opponent needs to go back to law school or at least take some continuing legal education classes to learn: (1) what the law is; and (2) the law does not come from the internet.

I am blessed to have many supporters who have requested my signs and want to show their support. If you would like a 4’ x 8’ sign or a yard sign for your property, please let me know and we will make sure to get you one!

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